Deadly Alliance: Ford cars to have Microsoft software

Just when you thought you had all the reason to buy a Ford, you get one more: It comes with Microsoft software. It almost sounds like the start of a bad joke: This one time a Ford and a Microsoft employee….you get the idea. So Ford’s response to getting their ass kicked by Japanese car-makers is to team-up with a company known for buggy products and in general a horrible user experience.

As the article Microsoft and Ford launch entertainment system says:

Microsoft and Ford on Sunday announced the launch of a factory-installed communications and entertainment system that will allow drivers to shuffle downloaded music, search for addresses, and even have text messages read to them.

This is a product of Microsoft Auto who are the people who decided that it was a great idea to glue a laptop to the dashboard of your car so you’d always be “connected”. Eleven years after these glorious products failed to take off, they’ve come back with a vengeance and have decided that people will ditch the iPod’s FM connector and instead buy a Ford just so they can shuffle through songs and have their text messages read to them.

AAA and CAA better start hiring A+ Certified technicians with Microsoft training since the next time your Ford dies in the middle of the highway, it could be a problem with your Windows OS.

But wait, there’s more good news:

The system will be upgradeable, allowing drivers to continue using it as they acquire new phones or media players.

Imagine receiving Windows Updates for your cars? Everyday you’d be calmly driving along praying your Ford can make it to the next exit when suddenly you hear a loud noise and the screen shows:

windows updates restart prompt

Except now you got to pull over, turn your car off and then start it again.

In all seriousness, if this product really is just an MP3 player and screen-reader pre-installed in your car, it’s a fairly pathetic attempt at doing something cool. Here’s Velle Kolde, a senior product manager with Microsoft:

What drivers want are simple solutions to stay connected while they’re on the road

So next time you think simple, think Windows viruses inside a Ford engine.


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