hacked by the devil

OK, so isn’t the most creative site of all, it just contains RSS feeds from all the major Java websites like, and so on. Still, it’s a nice enough site to go to if you’re looking to do some reading about the latest trash being produced by the OS community, self-righteous articles, half thought-out ideas and the occasional worthy read. It is the first hit on Google for “java articles”. It’s hardly a professional venture but that didn’t stop me from being surprised when the entire website was hacked by what appears to be a lonely Persian hacker infatuated with the demon.

The hacker is beyond a reasonable doubt taunting the administrator of the website to do something about the hairy situation he finds himself in. He is even kind enough to specify three emails where he can be reached at. Now this is going on for a few days now – long enough for the hackers text to be cached by Google – and I’m wondering what the folks at are actually thinking. Either they should just take the site entirely down (assuming their username/password combo is still working) or they pay Mr. Lucifer X amount of dollars so this embarrassing situation is quickly brought to a peaceful end.

But I must say the picture of the devil chosen by the hackers is somewhat weak. It’s just a girl with goth makeup. If she washes her face and maybe puts some lipstick on, she might even pass for cute. If you really want to put the fear of the devil in somebody, you should probably try going with a picture like this. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and you’re better off giving your hack a humorous theme. I’m also surprised at JavaRSS being a target of hackers seeing how it’s not a money-making venture or a site worth hacking. I can almost go through the thought process of the hacker: Let’s bring down….well, that didn’t work…how about…no, nothing……damn it……..shit man………crap……no…aah, – that’s the one, we’ll show them who’s boss!!!

Seriously guys, WTF, give the poor admins access to their website so they can steal content from other websites. hacked


15 thoughts on “ hacked by the devil

  1. massomeh

    One thing… the hacker is not Persian as you mentioned above. I am half Persian and i know how to read and write in Farsi but i don’t understand a word of whats it is written in the image.

    Might be arabic though or just pretending to be one.

  2. darck_hacker

    it’s arabic what’s wrong
    they defaced your box coz your security is 0
    how can you develloppe the net without hackers you well stay in the first stip html

    Greetz From Team Crazy to all world hackerz

    and bes thanks to Devil^Team

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