Rogers Cable are a bunch of Corporate Cons

This needs to be said. So I got Rogers Cable and Internet for my house a few months ago and they offered to give me some free channels for a limited time, stuff that I never watch like Fashion TV and some other such stuff that I never watch. I declined but they urged me to try them out since they were free for the first few months, I finally said yes. So for a little while I get all these channels which I don’t even want but I figure since I’m not paying for them, I may as well have them, maybe the wife will like something.

A few months go by and I suddenly see a bill of $160, about $45 over the usual Internet/Cable bill. So I call them up and ask about the discrepancy. Of course they tell me that I was supposed to call in after 4 months and cancel all the channels that I never really wanted in order to not get billed an obscene amount. I tell them I never wanted them nor was I ever informed to explicitly call and cancel the services and simply assumed that once the free period was over, they would just go away. My plea fell on deaf ears and they charged me $45 extra for stuff that I don’t even care and never even wanted. No apologies, nothing, if anything they accused me of trying to pull a fast-one by watching these channels for an extra month and then trying to find a way to not pay for them. This is what I call a Corporate Con.

This is nothing less than stealing from the consumer under the pretense of providing services. A man already has enough to worry about in life but now you also have to be on the lookout for your cable company pulling fast ones on you. The crazy part is that this must happen a hundred times a day, I could tell that the woman I spoke to on the phone had gone though this a thousand times before and pretty much had a scripted speech to give me once I told her about the problem.

Rogers makes enough money providing expensive home phone service, horrible mobile services and anything else they can get their filthy hands on. Is it really necessary for a big corporation to throw low blows like these at the consumer to stay in business? Or maybe this is how they got in business.  Either way, it sucks.


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