Worst Captcha Ever

I’m trying to download a file from the evil Rapidshare (who make you wait about 2 painful minutes before giving you the file) and just after the wait time is over, I get a Captcha looking like this:

WTF man? I mean, does it really need to be this hard? Are you telling me that it has come down to us hiding domestic animals in our captcha characters in order to hold off bots? Plus, there are only 3 “letters” in that image but its asking for four.

This is a sad day for the HCI crowd.

On an unrelated note, here’s my cat.


249 thoughts on “Worst Captcha Ever

  1. Alan

    DUDE The same thing happened to me. Its rubbish. It took me 6 fail attempts and my brothers help to find the cats. I missed my RS Pro account. 😦 To bad i can’t buy another one.

  2. Shanti Braford

    It took me some Norwegian brothers to help find the cats. (I am an American, and very proud of it, thank you very much.)

    Several fail attempts (uncountable) before my Euro bros helped me out in a pinch.

  3. jasonb

    No sh*t. They changed it up and it took me 3 attempts BEFORE I actually read the instructions. I pretty much keep searching when I find a site using “Rapid”Share.

  4. Andrew

    Holy moly — I was just about to blog this same site for the same reason. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Worse: If you get it wrong you have to sit through the “non-paying-user” waiting period all over again.

  5. spacebrew

    Just wait until the bots can see the cats. And determine that they are indeed cats, just twisted at different angles. Then where will we be?

    Clearly, we need to start eradicating the cats.

  6. Adam Bard

    My favorite bit is that OCR (optical recognition) schemes are actually BETTER than people at recognizing single characters. Some decent, easily-accessible OCR could pick out all the letters, and even without matching the cats guess at the 4 letters and get in 1/15 of the time – a perfectly good ratio for a bot.

  7. ton

    Don’t forget that those b#$t@rds also throttle the hell out of your connection when downloading files. I’ve consistently seen absolute drivel like my connection falling from 500 kbps to 50 kbps!

  8. jorge

    lol I notice that like 4 days ago, I should have posted it and I’ll be in the frontpage :p

    This IS the MOST annoying thing. I fail it like 2 times before realizing I had to look for cats.

  9. P6S2Y8

    Well it is probably harder than other captchas because you are doing it one-handed.

    In the case of rapid-share files (mostly pr0n), I guess they should make it easy for anybody, to let hackers and bots onto their site so they can lose business and lessen the bandwidth provided to actual users.

    Why not post something constructive. This captcha serves everybody and IS NOT that hard, if you aren’t downloading with your pants around your ankles.

  10. joe bob

    arsenalist isn’t saying that he couldn’t find the four characters with the cat on them, he’s saying he couldn’t find four **letters** with the cat on them — in fact, there aren’t even four letters to choose from.

  11. Wonzi

    You guys are getting too caught up in this. The fact there are cats in a captcha is in itself ridiculous. The misuse of the word ‘letters’ is just adding to the ridiculousness.

  12. h

    first. i lub yer kitty.

    second. i think i just showed everyone at my work that Captcha. I’m glad it wasn’t me. I would have thrown things at the screen.

  13. hanushh

    two day before the capcha was not this much out of focus

    Som time yesterday I saw at rapid share that “Happy Hours Activated”

  14. el Ninja

    Everytime im going to download something Rapidshare is on happy hour.
    Oh I love Rapidshare (not something i would say last week)

  15. lilyputts

    Yeppers, some are so bad.. Just bypass and move on..seems they are the ones who really does not want any one to get it, or get it write!


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  18. Bryan

    OMG. Seriously! I came across thus the other day too! WTF man? Captchas are supposed to be hard for robots, not humans! … I do like cats though. 🙂

  19. Sanjeev

    I’ve been bloody angered by that cat on the letter!!!!!!!!I’ve had worser captchas!!!!!!!!!!
    N hey, ur cat luks cute!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Chiya

    Haha it took me a while to figure out what they meant by showing the picture of a cat. That would be tricky to see whether it has a cat in the background.

    Your cat is cute.

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  22. benji

    For those of you who are having trouble…

    There are letters with DOGS on them, subtract those and dont be afraid to use the numbers with cats on them.

    This took me like 40 f*cking minutes.

  23. Cody Sortore

    Wow… That’s freaking hilarious! And if the guy is correct about it already being cracked, even better! Just goes to prove that security measures only stop the stupid hackers, or normal users. I was reading an article on game management recently and some of the top selling companies don’t use any sort of CD protection for their games because their customers don’t like it, and it doesn’t stop anyone.

  24. Cody Sortore

    @ benji dogs? I can see maybe one dog, but the first letter looks like it’s got a chicken on it, and the “2” appears to have a monkey on it… or something.

  25. myndzi

    The worst part isn’t how bad captchas have gotten, it’s how overused they’ve become. Why do you need a captcha to download a file? What’s going to happen if a bot does it instead? … the file gets downloaded anyway?

    They’re not registering accounts via the captcha so you get no special privileges. I can’t see RapidShare having much of a bot problem, nor can I see such problems with most of the sites I’ve seen captchas on. Hopefully it turns out to be a fad that will just go away.

  26. Nathan

    I think someone heard “Kitten Auth” was much better. Then thought this horrible idea was what was ment by it.

  27. rapidshare

    leechers complain about cat-cha? if you don’t like the wavy impossible to read cat-cha then don’t use rapidshare

  28. mephistopheles

    if you install noscript for firefox and block the scripts from rapidshare.com, you can return and try the captcha again by pressing back on your browser without waiting for another two minutes.

    however, i’ve never had problems with finding the cats – my trouble with the old rapidshare captchas was distinguishing between the capital C and G.

  29. PussyCatcher

    6, 2, Y, and 8 all have the cat, there are four letters, not three, you blind fucking moron. And stop bitching about the slight inconvenience you have to put up with for downloading stolen shit from rapidshare.

  30. rock

    Dude, that’s easy.. they really screw you up when they put O and 0 in the same font and sizes. I tried to enter the right letter but got it wrong 50% of the time.

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  32. Dan

    It is obvious that this at first human glance looks like pussy 8, which si scode for Octopussy, 4 letters, related to Octopussy…



  33. Brucee

    6SY8 – the brilliant programmer changed the cats to dogs on the other “letters / (numbers)” which is what he meant. Look at the “P” its not the cat image.

  34. a

    dude they made it like that cause (if u rad another digged page) spammers have created bots that can decipher a normal captcha code in under 6 seconds. and rapidshare awards free month subscriptions to those who have files that have been downloaded a large amount of times and if they kept with the old captcha code system people could just plug their own file and get cost rapidshare more money than it should

  35. Riddler

    why dont you… i dont know… suck it the fuck up and dont complain about rapidshare and just buy a dam account?
    or if you really hate the whole wait time, use theyre automatic downloader, or RapGet, or some other auto downloader
    and buy an account so u dont have to wait 2 minutes every time

  36. waterpup

    Yeah it says “Pussy” so that’s 5 letters and no numbers inless you feel like adding a 69 to it. Sounds good to me

  37. AnonymousNow

    looking at this one, it becomes apparent that “letters” means “letters or numbers.”

    THus, this captcha is designed to fool even humans.

    I was wondering why in the 4 times I have tried to download a rapidshare file I’ve been unable to crack the capcha.

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  41. Josh

    I ALWAYS have this stupid captcha thing on rapidshare, and I end up redoing it about 3 times. I emailed them about it, but I doubt I’ll get a response.

  42. Goronmon

    “And stop bitching about the slight inconvenience you have to put up with for downloading stolen shit from rapidshare.”

    It’s funny because it’s true.

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  44. Rizzler

    That’s hilarious. And I hate Rapidshare’s tease at making you buy.

    In actuality though, the only bad part of buying a rapidshare pro account is that it’s done in Euros. Not saying anything bad about the Euros, but the American dollar… I bought an account one month for 6.99Euros… and it was $10 roughly. Bought another a month or so later, it was $11.50. It’s a shock to see the expression of the value of the dollar changing like that. And I’m not saying it isn’t either. Just kind of shocking.

  45. J saint

    I totally agree that this is the worst ever. I can never get the code to work. Thank god someone put the new nin song on a torrent or I never would have heard it!

  46. Dick Johnson

    I agree with arsenalist, the other day I went to download a file from rapidshare and I couldn’t tell what the hell the letters even were let alone which ones had the right cat in them. I had to try about 4 different times (meaning I had to wait about 8 minutes total with their retarded wait time) just to get my file.

    In conclusion, I hope the people who run rapidshare die in a fire.

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  48. MJ

    I downloaded a file today and it took me like 4 attempts to get it right!! That is definitely the worst captcha ever!!!! I mean, the purpose is to keep bots off, not humans.

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  50. Vijay

    Initially, the captcha words were quite simple. As time passes by, they’re getting more difficult and unrecognizable. I think its time someone found a better alternative

  51. Hexadecimal

    Man, that sucks. I hate rapidshare so much. I pretty much make sure that’s my last resort if I can’t find the file elsewhere. :-/

  52. streaky

    “omg, rapidshare kicks ass, but you guys wouldnt know, just get a premium account, it is so worth it.”

    Which is of course exactly what they want to do.

    Pretty sure that what they did there is illegal under EU disability regs also – though I guess you could argue no discrimination due to that fact people without disabilities can’t figure it out either.

    But then rapidshare always were epic fail.

  53. Daniel Smith

    I think the P and S have a “dog”. BTW, the instructions are faulty; they ask for “four letters” and clearly (!) there are numbers mixed in.

    You know, I wonder if this is supposed to be like that joke about the bus? All these people get on and off the bus and then you’re asked a question unrelated to the number of people that get on and off. I wonder if this is like that since there are only 4 “letters” displayed (although I’m not sure if that one is a 6 or a G…)

    I hate RapidShare too…

  54. foufga

    So I have a question… first day reading your blog (you were on the front page of WP)… but how did you format your css for code blocks to look so amazing?

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  57. afrodream 'n' beaded

    A friend of mine called it a retarded captcha. I guess its retarded too. Whats on the hell is this. Do we have to bleed and crack our head just to fill a form or submit it. Mamamia captcha with domestic images plus 1 ( one )

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  59. Yuusou

    At least they now show you what the cat looks like. Before they just said please enter all the letters with a cat in them.

  60. sathien

    WTF!? I saw this on the front page and was like “Oh, could be funny!” – But apparently you are just stupid, since this is one of the easiest Captchas I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I don’t know what you’re actually complaining about. Perhaps you’re just an attention whore.

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  62. Wendel

    Funny how some people think “2” is a “letter” (at least in my language, “2” is called “number”, or “digit”, not “letter”)

    Also, yes, sometimes it is friggin’ hard to tell the cats apart – but at least now they show an example of the cat, that makes things easier. When I first saw that cat-cha (without examples), I’ve tried 5~10 times because I could never tell if they were cats, dogs, or cats distorted until they looked like dogs. -_-‘

    Also, I guess some guys on the comments are bots: #66 said the captcha is “6SY8”, and #20 said “P6S2Y8” (!?)

  63. slackermagee

    I agree with the earlier post, the thing is 62Y8. The P and the S look like they have dogs in. Still a stupid system.

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  65. andrea

    well, no it’s 4 characters, but to be fair it took me about 3 times before i figured out how the hell to download!

  66. Dick Puller

    Your cat is far easier to see than their cats. I definitely count ONE cat in your cat’s picture. I can’t figure out how many cats there are in the CAPTCHA.

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  68. DAFT

    At least ya’ll don’t live in New Zealand, where our high speed internet is about as fast as a a snail cross bred with a tortoise. So bad even that as an election year bribe one of our major parties has said that they’re going to put $150 million NZ into speeding internet up!

    So while you’re deciphering the captcha, I’m wating two or three hours for gmail to load. PFFFFT

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  70. Zim

    Haven’t you seen the mathematic captcha? If you can’t recognize a kitty you won’t solve hard equations. It’s a problem.

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  79. CRX

    lol frankly speaking, I tried up to 5 times failed with the captcha..
    1st expression was like: heh ? *so I guess I have to input ‘all the codes’
    2nd expression was like: what the..*ok maybe I type them all wrong..
    3rd expression was like: now what? * i did type all the codes perfectly and I did double triple check on the codes there
    4th expression was like: argh…wtf now man *is there a sound-speak option so he can read what should I type in the captcha submit box*
    5th expression was like: alrite it’s gettin on my nerv now, so what is the ‘word by word’ mannual to properly execute the captcha system by rapidshare on that particular page

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  87. Mr Truth

    I’ll probably get spammed and hate threats for this *puts on spam and hate proof armor* but I think by making it so hard for humans we are giving in to the fear the “bots” want us to have.

    They really want to spoil the rest of the apples and the community is going right along with it.

    Putting away liberty for Safety sucks. Either freedom is on or off there is no middle ground.

    If the bots really wanted to they will find away around it and probably do and we don’t know it cause Rapidshare can’t look bad you know.

    It’s essentially a cash cow or an other words. ‘Greed’ If you can’t read the letters you’ll pay them $$$…………or so they think. 😛

    Unfortunately all the bot haters which have only a SLIGHTLY larger brain then the spam bots they hate will probably skim my message just to make me look bad and make themselves look like an ass.

    *locks and loads the cyber gun*

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