Integrating vBulletin with a WordPress theme

OK, so you have a WordPress blog and are thinking about adding a vBulletin message board to it and want it to appear seamlessly within your WP theme. This post will show you how to do it.

The way you go about accomplishing this is by creating two Plugins under vBulletin. Before we do anything we have to make sure that the Plugin/Hook system is enabled. For this select vBulletin Options under the vBulletin Options from the control panel. Select the Plugin/Hook System option in the select list and make sure its enabled. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to create a couple plugins. Click on the Add New Plugin option under the Plugins & Products on the left hand side of the control panel. Create a plugin with the Hook Location specified as global_start and the default execution order. Give it the title of WP Header and in the Plugin PHP Code field, write the following:

   $wp_header = ob_get_contents();

Now let’s examine what I did here. Bascially, I’m invoking two WordPress PHP files, wp-load.php from the main installation and header.php from my theme’s directory. I capture the content of it in the $wp_header variable which we’ll use later.

Make sure you change the plugin to be active by clicking on the Yes radio button and save the plugin.

Now we’ll create another plugin for the footer. Once again, specify the Hook Location as global_start, give it the title of WP Footer and select the default execution order. In the Plugin PHP Code field write the following:

   $wp_footer = ob_get_contents();

In this plugin we’re capturing the theme’s footer.php in the $wp_footer variable.

Now we need to insert the two pieces of data we captured into the vBulletin theme. For that let’s go to Style Manager under the Styles & Templates group in the left control panel. Once there, select Edit Templates from the drop down list which should give you a listing of all the editable files in your theme. Double-click on header from the list and simply add the following line of code as the first line in the file:


Save it and go back to the list of editable files and edit footer. Make sure the following line of code is the last line in the file:


Save it and you’re done.

Well, almost. Depending on the version of vBulletin you have you might get a PHP error which says something like “sanitize_url function has already been defined”. Check the vBulletin file its happening in, download it and rename both occurrences of the function to something like vb_sanitize_url and now you’re done.


265 thoughts on “Integrating vBulletin with a WordPress theme

  1. Austin Kalb

    I really need help getting your idea implemented. I would like to take it the next step, and “include” WordPress Styles in vBulletin – so the pages look the “same”. How about a little help? I can pay if you like…


  2. BlueHornet

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    See ya,

  3. Todd

    Blue Hornet,

    Do you have the solution to this problem? I’m a real person trying to figure out exactly what Austin post abvove is looking to do.

    That is to figure out how to intergrate the same menu and header on my Vbulliten forum pages as on my WordPress Blog pages.

    Can you help?


  4. brandon

    this works as far as the style and looks perfect for me, but it makes vbulletin have a blank white page when i click “new thread”. I disable the plugin and newthread works. any ideas?

  5. iTouchTW

    I have same problem with click “new thread ”

    so I check php debugging.

    I think it happens because the different string definition.

    this is what php debugging found:

    in wordpress:

    function sanitize_url( $url, $protocols = null ) {
    return clean_url( $url, $protocols, ‘db’ );

    in vbulletin:

    function sanitize_url($type, $url, $delimiter = ‘\\”‘)
    static $find, $replace;
    if (!is_array($find))
    $find = array(”, ‘\\”‘);
    $replace = array(‘<‘, ‘>’, ‘”‘);

    $delimiter = str_replace(‘\\”‘, ‘”‘, $delimiter);

    return str_replace(‘\\”‘, ‘”‘, $type) . ‘=’ . $delimiter . str_replace($find, $replace, $url) . $delimiter;

    anyone know how to fix it?

  6. iTouchTW

    I got it and works now,

    But when I rename it like “vb_sanitize_url “, I can’t post any more.

    I click “insert image” button, and paste the picture link. It looks good in editing mode, so I submit it.

    After submit it, iT displays wrong as “http://imgsrc\”\”> ”

    I guess the code changed because of rename. If you can’t understand what I mean, check it out here:

    do you know how to fix this?

    Thank you for your help so much!

  7. iTouchTW

    I fix ename both occurrences of the function to like vb_sanitize_url.

    but it still shows problem:
    I post, the program code is

    but I think It should be

    how could I fix it?

    Thank you so much

  8. Avaindnip


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  9. michael

    If you are having CSS conflicts you need to grab all the css properties for the header/footer and put something like #arras-vb at the start of each property. e.g.

    #arras-vb td {


    then wrap the footer in a div


    it’s rather time consuming and i’m still having some problems getting it working but it does work eventually.

  10. john

    I tried doing this, it did nothing for my site. Could there be a no brainer step I’m missing? I followed this step-by-step.

  11. pokerclub

    hi.. im actually having the same problem as wp touch..any help would be appreciated:

    I click “insert image” button, and paste the picture link. It looks good in editing mode, so I submit it.

    After submit it, iT displays wrong as “http://imgsrc\”\”> ”

    I guess the code changed because of rename. If you can’t understand what I mean, check it out here:

    do you know how to fix this?


    I would prefer to get in contact with the author.


  12. Sander

    Your method worked fine for me with vBulletin 3.*. Do you have any clue how to accomplish this in vBulleting 4.*?

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  18. JC

    I have WP2.9+ with Thesis 1.7 with vbulletin and that might be giving me my problem. the header and footer code is is just appearing.

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  27. claudio

    It didnt work for me

    i have done all steps but i only see in the header of my site the text


    Im using vbulletin 4.1.2

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  36. Wozzza

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  37. Mike E

    Do you have any recommendations for removing the duplicate title tag that will show when you use this method?

    Let me know, thanks.

  38. Rick

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